Flexible and Functional

The Amicus Separator’s precision design provides the flexibility to support varied therapeutic options. Procedures can be easily tailored for each patient or donor.

Procedure options include:

  • Mononuclear Cell Collection
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • Red Blood Cell Exchange
  • Platelet Collections

Time-Tested Technology

Medical professionals can trust the proven, time-tested technology utilized in the Amicus Separator to support patient and donor needs.


Amicus Separator Platelet Sparing
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RBC Exchange

Amicus Red Blood Cell Exchange Offers Three Procedure Options for Greater Flexibility:

Exchange, Depletion and a combined Depletion/Exchange

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Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Amicus Therapeutic Plasma Exchange separates plasma from the other blood components using continuous flow centrifugation technology

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Mononuclear Cell

Amicus Separator For Mononuclear Cell Collections Consistently Collects MNCs with High Yields and Purity

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Double Needle

Optimize Procedure Time When You Select a Double Needle Option

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Single Needle

Donor Comfort, Tailored Proceedures to Maximize the Yield of Each Donation

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Patient-Focused Procedures

Amicus Red Blood Cell Exchange

Every patient’s needs are different. Physicians can rely on the versitility and accuracy of the Amicus Separator to perform patient-focused procedures.

Amicus Red Blood Cell procedure options include:

  • Exchange
  • Depletion
  • Depletion/Exchange

Easy to Operate,
Efficient to use

Operator efficiency from start to finish

  • The easy-to-use color touch screen prompts the operator throughout the procedure
  • Setting parameters is as easy as entering values on the touch screen
  • Built-in safety control features ensure each procedure is continuously monitored throughout the process

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NOTE:The Amicus RBCx System is CE marked for distribution in the EU. Check with your Fresenius Kabi representative for specific country availability. It is not FDA cleared for marketing in the United Sates of America.

Refer to Amicus Operator's Manual for a full list of warnings and cautions associated with the use of the Amicus device